KTLA - 1952 coverage - Dick Lane

1952. "Journalists standing in front of a KTLA television truck at Camp Mercury Proving Grounds; present to record an atomic bomb detonation in the Nevada desert." Photo by Maurice Terrell for Look magazine. The Man on the right with crossed arms is Jonathan Rice, News Department KTLA. The guy in the checkered shirt - Paramount Pictures' "Mr. Television", Klaus Landsberg. Landberg's pioneering work in television was not limited to engineering and inventions; he was also a producer and director. Having built station KTLA for Paramount, Landsberg created the microwave relay network for this first ever live telecast of an atomic bomb test.
The guy in front with hat and jacket is the legendary KTLA announcer Dick Lane, well known to Los Angeles residents of the 50's for his coverage of everything from oil well fires to roller derby and wrestling matches.